Columbus Day Celebrations: A Controversy (excerpt)

On my way back from an amazing photoshoot with friends I looked up at an eye-catching poster from the German airline company Lufthansa on the sidewalk: Wieviel Columbus steckt in dir? (How much Columbus is in you? i.e. how adventurous are you?) This campaign slogan was aimed at attracting the viewers to go and discover the United States, the so-called New World, just as Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer, did on his 1492 voyage. My first thought was of the Lufthansa designer Otl Aicher. He would probably be rolling over in his grave if he had read this. My second lead me to Columbus Day, which is a celebration that still takes place each second Monday in October in the United States, despite the controversy surrounding the event. I will discuss this last point in my essay by diving into the arguments that are being proposed in order to ensure the survival of these celebrations and then I will focus on already existing alternatives.