I came to Berlin precisely 2 years ago. 2 articles luggage, one with clothes and the second one full of books. I arrived at Tegel Airport around 11 pm. I took a cab. It was not the first time I came to this city but the first for an undetermined period. The taxi driver, a Turkish guy, was friendly at the beginning but soon after made a bad joke. When waiting for the green light, he chatted with one of his colleagues in the car next to us and then said, « You should come with us » and then laughed. This time I replied.  (I still work on my Schlagfertigkeit, » but it gets much better!).

I was full of hope with sparkles in my eyes (always a good sign when you start something new in general). 2018 was beautiful and easy. Too easy perhaps. I realized most of my teen dreams that year with some bonus. My Erasmus was just an excuse to get a better understanding of the university system and to be sure if it would fit me long term. 2019 was much different. More challenging. I was not a student anymore—just a young adult foreigner[…]